Waves Captured At Just The Right Moment Look Like They're Frozen In Time

"It seems to me like nature replicating nature."

We've all seen our fair share of wave photography, but photographer Ray Collins is able to portray natural ocean scenes like no one else. 

In an email to A Plus, Collins describes his style: "Most waves you see in the majority of pictures are already broken, or breaking, but I am very fond of the moment before the moment, when the wave stands tall like a mountain. It seems to me like nature replicating nature. And, to me, that is art. And it's what I strive to interpret in my own way and share with the world." 

Collins writes that he is more comfortable in the sea with a camera than he is on land, and that he tries "freezing the ephemeral relationship" between water and light. 

"The most important thing about photography is the ability to interpret light, and when you couple it with the luminescence of water, some great things can take place," Collins tells A Plus. "My images are generally made with me putting swim fins on my feet, and dodging and weaving waves for the right moments to capture. It can be tiring and dangerous — but I love it!"

Check out some of his amazing wave "mountains" below:


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(H/T: Bored Panda


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