Get Ready To Scream. This Is How A Rat Can Wind Up In Your Toilet.

A lesson in genetics and fear.

The Iron Throne. The Oval Office. El Baño.


We know our household toilets well. Perhaps, they are even the household appliances we are closest to. We use them day and night. We cherish them. We clean them. 

But we certainly DO NOT want a filthy rat to crawl up it. However, after the video you are about to see, you're going to understand why it's actually a possibility. 

Yea, this is gonna get worse than that time you ran out of toilet paper.

While it's not the most common of occurrences, there are a few cases every year.

The video explains that first, a rat can sneak into a sewer grate or manhole cover. Using their sharp claws, they can climb up a vertical surface and venture through the sewer pipes that are connected to homes.

Once it navigates up the pipe, the rat faces the hardest part of the challenge. The toilet pipes are extremely narrow and tight, but using its flexibility, it can find a small air pocket before making the final climb.

As it turns out, rats are very capable swimmers, able to paddle water for three days straight and hold their breath for three minutes. Good for the rat; less so for us.

OK, now we're going to forget we ever watched this.


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