MJ Only Wore These Shoes Four Times And They Are The Rarest Pair Of His Sneakers

They aren't even Air Jordans, they are the pre-cursors.

The Air Jordan is one of the most iconic shoes in the world.


So what happens when you have an autographed, rookie season pair of Jordans that are so rare, he only wore this particular edition in a total of four games?

You cash in, that's what you do! Well actually, as Khalid Ali explains, they were sitting in his parent's closet and he wanted to pass them on so somebody else could enjoy them.

This is the lucky man who owns the Jordans — or Nike Air Ships to be exact.

As he explains in the video below, he was a ball boy for the LA Lakers, when Jordan came to town in 1984 to face off against Magic Johnson for the first time in his career.

In order to get them, he bravely walked up to Jordan during practice and asked the soon-to-be living legend if he could have his sneakers.

Jordan told him he was actually wearing a different pair that night and that he would autograph and give Ali the game-worn shoes after the game.

As previously mentioned, these Jordans are so rare because they were the pre-cursors the Air Jordan sneakers we know today.

They are so rare in fact, that this photo is one of only a few showing Jordan doing what he does best when he strapped on his Nikes.

Basically, they don't exist anywhere, so the fact Ali had an autographed pair made them an astonishing find for any collector.

The pair of shoes recently sold for over $70,000 and are only expected to go up in price!

Watch below for the full story.


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