This 'Badass Mama' Had An Unexpected C-Section, And Is Proud Of Her Scar

“I couldn’t be more proud of myself.”

Parenthood is a job that never exactly goes according to plan, which can sometimes force difficult, unexpected decisions. For Raquel Renteria, one of these decisions came before her daughter was even born. 

Renteria had hoped to deliver her daughter naturally with a midwife. However, at 32 weeks, she found out her baby was in a breech position, with her bottom angled out first instead of her head. If she didn't flip over, Renteria would likely need to have a cesarean section (c-section). Unfortunately, by the time she was 37 weeks along, her daughter hadn't changed position. 

Renteria had to readjust the perfect, natural birthing plan she had prepared and hoped for. In an Instagram post, she wrote about making the difficult decision to have a c-section.

"I was terrified of this surgery. I was afraid of this scar and the long term effects it would have on body and my mind. I was worried I would feel inadequate, like I didn't give birth to her," she wrote. 


Luckily, Renteria had the support of many other moms who assured her she would be OK. And, it was. Now, she wears her c-section scar as a badge of honor. 

"I don't feel as if I was robbed of a birth or like less of a bad ass. This scar proves that I am indeed a #badassmama! This surgery was not an easy decision for me. It pushed me to educate myself, to open my mind, to let go of my perfect expectations," she wrote.

"I couldn't be more proud of this scar. I couldn't be more proud of myself. And all those silly fears disappeared as soon as I realized, I was having the baby I prayed for and the birth experience I hoped for."

(H/T: Huffington Post


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