Many Of His Students Live In Poverty, But This Second Grade Teacher Is Using Rap To Inspire Them To Learn

"They passed with flying colors."

Getting kids to feel passionate about learning can be a challenge. It's even harder when kids have other obstacles that impede learning, like dealing with hunger and poverty. Michael Bonner, a teacher at South Greenville Elementary in North Carolina, knows this all too well as many of the students in his class have difficult home lives and/or are homeless. 


He realized he needed new methods to help the kids, so he turned to music and dance.

His second grade class created a song, dance, and video to celebrate their love of reading for the "Who, What, Where, and Why" assessment testing, and it went viral.

The video didn't just have an impact on social media, it also had an impact on the kids. After previously not doing well on their assessments, Mr. Bonner explained during a video interview with Ellen, "They passed with flying colors."

While he didn't expect the video to go viral, he's glad it did because it has boosted the kids' self-esteem. "For them to get that kind of attention for passing a test and to see how people were proud of them, their self-esteem and their faces started brightening up, and they started to own it." 

"It's about more than just dance ... The kids are starting to read. They're changing the statistics."

To help Mr. Bonner and his class continue to learn through rap and dance, Ellen surprised the school with electronics to record and edit their videos, plus a $25,000 check courtesy of Walmart.

To learn more, check out the video below:

(H/T: PopSugar)


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