Clothing Brand Develops A Jacket For Long-Distance Couples To Make Their Relationships More Fun

Clothing for your soul.

Long-distance relationships suck. There, we said it.

Sure, they can be fun and liberating for a while, but at the end of the day, there is always that irksome question lurking around like a tiny rain cloud above your head — "Is he/she still into me?" Good thing there's technology.

China-based clothing company RAPIDO Connected Wear came up with a genius innovation that's supposed to make the lives of long-distance couples easier and much more romantic.


RAPIDO developed a smart jacket that literally enables couples to wear their hearts on their sleeves. No matter where they are.

Using a messaging app, lovers can share their feelings with each other, which are displayed as emoticons on the jacket's surface. So, for example, sending "I love you" will create a beating heart on your S/O's sleeve.

RAPIDO's technology also allows the jacket to transmit color via an integrated color sensor. Shopping with your long-distance boo just got A LOT easier, right?

According to the company, this jacket is their attempt to move from body-focused clothing to that intended for our souls.

Learn more about this brilliant innovation below.



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