Stolen Wallet Or Rape? This Girl's Tweets Will Make You Think

"Maybe you shouldn't have had a wallet in the first place."

Discussing rape isn't easy. People often struggle to understand it and tend to blame the victim rather than the offender.

Questions about age, clothes, intoxication, and other factors aimed at blaming the victim always come up when talking about someone who was sexually harassed or assaulted. But what if we talked about rape the way we talk about other crimes, like the theft of a wallet?

Caitlin Kelly, a web producer for The New Yorker, took it upon herself to imagine how such conversations would sound. Read her grotesque but eye-opening tweets below.


What? When? Where? And a million other questions.

He had no reason.

Are you sure it wasn't your own fault?

Has this happened before? Not saying it's a pattern, but...

You were asking for it.

You should lay low, it will only hurt your reputation.

That's just the way guys are. Deal with it.

Caitlin's tweets caused a huge stir among her followers. These are some of the responses she received:

According to Kelly, the metaphor was kind of a random decision but her goal was to tackle the horrible prejudices attached to sexual crimes.

"Probably somewhere out of frustration at all of the recent horrible stories about rape and seeing so many people doubt victims, almost as a reflex, in ways that people who are victims other crimes rarely seem to face," Caitlin told Huffington Post

Also, be sure to check out this video for The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence campaign: This Girl Has Been Looking Over Her Shoulder The Entire Life, Just To Avoid What Happened To Her Friend.

(H/T: Elite Daily ; Huffington Post)

(Cover image: Flickr / The hills are alive)

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