These 20 Drawings Prove That Being Random Is Hilarious

Random, meet funny.

If you are looking for a weird drawing of, let's say, two celebrities or fictional characters doing something really silly, then there's a guy who will paint it for you for free.

James Murray, known as Jim'll Paint It, has been taking requests since 2013, and completing these very entertaining and random drawings on Microsoft Paint. Nothing is off limits and all of his creations are 100 percent original. Take a look at these hilarious drawings for yourself:


1. This is why the Alien Queen should avoid office work.

2. My precious.

3. It's Kim Jong-un's favorite show.

4. He drinks like a horse with two legs.

5. Epic. Just epic.

6. I'ma let you finish ...

7. This show suddenly became watchable.

8. What a great mani.

9. Thanks for playing!

10. Even if you don't know who Terry Wogan is, this is still funny.

11. What a lovely day at the beach.

12. Completely random and still hilarious.

13. If 'Predator vs. Alien' was like this, it would have been a better film.

14. Daft Punk would probably approve of this.

15. Sure, why not? This seems logical.

16. An army of Cara Delevingne is our last hope.

17. Now that's multitasking.

18. I would like to thank the Academy ...

19. Hello, is it me you're looking for?

20. Probably Nicolas Cage's best acting performance.

(H/T: The Chive)


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