9 Things Every Marijuana Smoker Will Appreciate

Yes, you read that correctly.

Everybody appreciates a stranger doing something kind, whether it's putting some coins in the meter or buying a cup of coffee for the person behind them in line. Likewise, everyone appreciates strange surprises:.the joy of finding money in the street, or running across something beautiful and unexpected.

Well, you're about to see some random acts of kindness and some unexpected joy... but the kind that only herb aficionados will really appreciate.

Check it out.


1. This guy who found a fat bag... In the magic kingdom.

2. This 70-year-old dad who left his son a note after he found his stash on the table.

3. This smoker who found The Hulk in his sack.

4. The way Seattle PD handled Hempfest... By passing out Doritos.

5. This letter from someone's neighbor who smelled smoke.

6. The Girl Scout who sold 117 boxes of cookies in two hours outside a dispensary.

7. The Indonesian cops who burned a half-ton of marijuana... and got a town high.

8. The time Snoop talked about getting high...

...in the White House.

9. "Kush Jenkins" who leaves bags in the library for people to find at this college.

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