29 Tiny Good Deeds You Can Do That Might Mean Something Huge To Someone Else

We especially love #6.

You don't have to be watching the news daily to know 2016 has been a year of political and social turmoil at home and abroad. Of course, It is very important to address the importance and gravity of these events, but in order to keep sane, we must also remind ourselves there is positivity all around us, too. 

Even in the face of unspeakable tragedies, you can always find some good in the world. We sometimes search for positive things that impact everyone on a large scale, but things on a micro level are just as important. 

To be a part of the goodness, do something nice for you fellow human being. Because the little things can mean so very much. 


Take a look at some of the things you can do to brighten someone's day:

1. Keep a memory journal about your loved ones so you can later reminisce with them about all the good times, and show them how much they mean to you. 

2. Lend a helping hand to a busy parent.

3. Say something nice to a stranger.

4. Leave a bowl of water out for your neighborhood's dogs.

5. Acknowledge a person for how special they are.

6. Throw someone a party to mark a special occasion in their life, besides their birthday.

7. Work with someone to get over their self-doubt.

8. Offer to help someone with their yardwork.

9. Pick up the tab at the restaurant. 

10. Help someone cross something off their bucket list.

11. Give a loved one a kiss, just because.

12. Offer to pick someone up instead of having them drive.

13. Make someone laugh by sending them a funny photo.

14. Express how much you care in a creative way.

15. Get involved with a loved one's passion.

16. Treat someone to an ice cream.

17. Give someone flowers.

18. Get creative and make something for someone special.

19. Acknowledge someone for their good deeds.

20. Buy a drink for a stranger.

21. Surprise your best friend with a special gift.

22. Leave a hidden note for someone to find and make their day.

24. Carry something for someone.

25. Reconnect with someone from your past.

26. Throw a slumber party for your friends.

27. Offer support in your community.

28. Spread some joy through song.

29. Bake something for your parents.

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