This Village In Indonesia Looks Like A Real-Life Rainbow, And We're Completely In Awe

Adding it to our bucket list.

Even a rainy day can't stop Kampung Pelangi — a village in Indonesia — from shining bright. 

According to The Jakarta Post, at least 232 homes in the village are decorated in various colors, from red to yellow, blue, and green. Aerial views of the village showcase its magnificent colors, which together, look like a real-life rainbow. A junior high school principal, Slamet Widodo, started the project and says there are plans to paint nearly 400 houses in the colorful art.

And the project's clearly making people smile — the publication reports visiting students smiling at the sight of the rainbow homes. 

"[The houses] are so gorgeous. My school is not far from here; I will surely tell all my friends to come here," Bening, a student, says

Other small villages, such as Kampung Kali Code in Yogyakarta, and Kampung Tridi in Malang, inspired this particular project, Mashable explains

We love seeing all the colorful photos visitors have shared to social media. Check out some of our favorites below:



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