Rainbow Lattes Are Now Being Made And It's Pretty Mesmerizing To Watch

Another excuse to have a cup of joe.

Nowadays, people are constantly taking photos of their food and posting them on social media. Thanks to check-ins and hashtags, this phenomenon has helped tons of food establishments gain free marketing from their patrons. It also gives a restaurant a little extra motivation to get its menu items to look a little more Instagram-worthy. 

The latest Instagram food sensation comes from Mason Salisbury, a barista who works at Sambalatte in Las Vegas. Salisbury recently took coffee art to a whole new level by making his designs rainbow. 

Considering people love photographing latte art and rainbow bagels were all the rage not too long ago, it should come as no surprise that his creations are blowing up on social media.


His multicolored creations are the results of adding food coloring to the steamed milk. 

Salisbury posts tons of videos of him pouring the rainbow-steamed milk on Instagram.

They're so satisfying to watch.

Seriously, we can't get enough.

Time to book a trip to Vegas.

(H/T: Brit + Co


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