This Girl's Haunting Rendition Of 'Creep' Isn't Like Others You've Heard

This will take you back.

Your favorite song to wallow to just got a little better. 

That's right, we're talking about Radiohead's "Creep" — the tune you used to play in the mornings as you got ready for another day of high school, your heart pounding with teenage angst.  

While many vocalists have taken a stab at covering this masterpiece (yup, just called it a masterpiece, what?), few are able to capture its beauty and darkness. 


But she was able to do it in her own unique way.

This cover, by YouTuber MusicIvyRose was posted in 2013, but we were glad to see it resurface on Reddit today. 

"A quick little cover I put together, I hope you enjoy," she writes in her video description. 

We certainly enjoyed, and we hope you did too. 

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