Grieving Mother Receives The Gift Of A Lifetime Without Ever Having To Leave The Car

And it was all caught on tape.

Kyle and Jackie O. are disc jockeys and radio hosts from Sydney, Australia, but music isn't the only way these two are spreading happiness.

A mother named Michelle had recently lost her 19-year-old son Blaine and was struggling to get her life back to normal while the bills piled up. Her daughter, Crystal, reached out to the hosts' home station KIIS 1065 for help and they decided to pay six months of Michelle's mortgage. But they wanted to surprise her.

To pull it off, Crystal planned to take her mother to the spa, but made sure to have KIIS 1065 on the radio. While listening to the Kyle and Jackie O. show announce the random recipient of a special "give back" gift, Michelle soon came to realize they were talking about her.

Jackie O. literally spoke directly to Michelle through the radio and explained that with the help of Clarendon Homes, the next six months of her mortgage would be paid, and that she'd also receive an additional $5,000 to finish renovations that her son started before he died.

"So that you don't have to rush back to work and you can take time to grieve properly," Jackie O. said.

Yesterday, the station released the video of the surprise and set up a GoFundMe page in the family's honor.

To say tears were shed is an understatement. 

(H/T: faithit)


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