13 Reasons The Radical Monarchs Are The Coolest Scout Troop Around

Is it too late to join?

The Radical Monarchs (AKA Radical Brownies) is an Oakland-based scout troop that empowers girls of color ages 8 to 12 through social justice activism and celebrations of their cultures. They're all about collective action and community involvement, and participate in demonstrations and leadership exercises focused on all kinds of diversity.

The brown berets they wear are a nod to the Black Power and Chicano Brown Beret movements. Though they have no affiliation with the Girl Scouts, Radical Monarchs have a similar badge system, though the categories — Black Lives Matter Badge, Radical Beauty Badge, LGBT Ally Badge — are a bit different. Members earned their Black Lives Matter Badges by attending protests, and they exercised Radical Love by spending Valentine's Day reading feminist author Bell Hooks and writing themselves encouragement notes.

This weekend they joined a trans rights march in San Francisco led by the TransLatina group El/LA. These scouts will probably be running the world pretty soon, and we're quite OK with that.


1. They showed some love and pride at San Francisco's Trans March.

2. And made sure they were heard.

3. "Hey hey, ho ho, transphobia has got to GO!"

4. They joined the Say Her Name campaign, a movement for black women and girls killed by police.

5. "Fierce SisStarhood."

6. So fierce.

7. No sign or megaphone is too big for them.

8. Their sweet badge collection...

9. ...which they earn by taking to the streets.

10. Leading the march on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Of Action.

11. Fighting gentrification in San Francisco's Mission District.

The "Monster in the Mission" is a proposed luxury condo development that activists say would push out low-income residents and businesses.

12. We love us some friendship.

13. We really just want to be them when we grow up.

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