This Hilarious 'Africa For Norway' Aid Video Will Make You Rethink Stereotypes

Norway needs your help.

You've probably heard the song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band-Aid, the charity supergroup formed in response to to the famine in Ethiopia in 1984. The song is well-meaning, but many people have criticized it for being patronizing and painting a homogeneous portrait of Africa, a massive continent that does in fact have Christmas and snow. 

In response to such ill-conceived attempts at helping, a group of South African students created a video switching the tables on who's portrayed as the savior and who's the helpless party.

"Radi-Aid: Africa for Norway" features South African singers pleading for the world to help poor freezing Norway, the country that just happens to consistently be named the best place in the world to live. The video does a great job of pointing how silly, patronizing, and ultimately self-serving a lot of charity and aid movements tend to be. Check out the movement to spread warmth to Norway:



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