This Buddy Has A Rabbit Delivering Beer To Him

Life hacking at its finest.

Rabbits are one of nature's cutest creations, but this bunny knows a trick that puts the rest of his species to shame: Wallace delivers beer!


Wallace's owner says he's been learning 3D modeling and laser cutting at work and decided to apply his skills in practice: by building an appropriately sized beer cart for his rabbit friend.

The beer cart was made almost entirely out of cardboard and uses just a tiny portion of glue, so the rabbit doesn't get poisoned.

The push handle is made from a walnut dowel and helps Wallace steadily push the cart.

The wheels were attached to copper pipes.

And here comes the most important part: the incentive for him to keep pushing forward. Raisins!

"Truth be told, rabbit has zero interest in delivering beer, pleasing owner, doing anything, etc., etc. However, show that guy a raisin and he will walk to the end of the earth for it," writes wallacemk.

Here is the finished beer cart. It holds one beer and is perfectly designed for one discerning little rabbit's use.

Check out Wallace's cuteness in full in the video below:


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