He Was Alone Underground For 10 Years. But What He Made Is Too Beautiful For Words

He wanted "to create an experience that fosters spiritual renewal and personal well being."

If you walk a mile into the desert of New Mexico, you will find a cave. 

But this is not just some ordinary cave. It is a mecca created by artist Ra Paulette, who has spent the past ten years single-handedly turning the sandstone walls into works of art.  

"Manual labor is the foundation of my self expression," says Paulette on his website. "To do it well, to do it beautifully, is a 'whole-person' activity, engaging mental and emotional strengths as well as physical strength." 


Paulette had his work cut out for him when he found the cave.

Because he knew he wanted to work alone.

But after years of carving away, he was able to create spaces like this.

The walls are covered in intricate designs and textures.

And the cave is illuminated by the sun that comes through his tunnelled windows.

Now, light flows through the entire space.

The artist hopes the cave will eventually serve as a venue for presentations and performances to address issues of social welfare and the art of well-being.

"My final and most ambitious project is both an environmental and social art project that uses solitude and the beauty of the natural world to create an experience that fosters spiritual renewal and personal well-being," writes Paulette on his website. 

Now, there is even a documentary about the artist and the cave. 

(H/T Bored Panda)


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