Boy In Stormtrooper Wheelchair And R2-D2 Become Best Friends At 'Star Wars' Convention

R2-D2 proves that being on wheels is cool.

"Star Wars" fans took over Anaheim, California at a convention last week, including a little boy in a pretty sweet Stormtrooper wheelchair who made a special friend. 

That friend was R2-D2. Well, a replica of R2-D2 controlled by convention-goer Chris Lee.


R2-D2 spotted the boy in the distance.

Then the two became fast friends.

Wheels never looked so cool.

Lee says that this wasn't the first time the boy interacted with the robot, but seeing them together was truly awesome.

"He was having so much fun and laughing continuously," he wrote in the YouTube comments of the video. "Even his parents and some people in the crowd (me included) started giggling uncontrollably."

The force is definitely with these two.

Cover image via Nathan Rupert / Flickr.


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