Think You Know 'The Butterfly Effect?' Guess What: You Don't.

Almost no one can pass this.

What was the name of Ashton Kutcher's character in The Butterfly Effect?


What power does Ashton Kutcher's character have in the film?

In this scene, Charles Bukowski is warning Kelso about what?

After the mailbox scene, Kelso returns to the 70s. What does he realize?

After Kelso reunites the Village People and realizes he's altered disco's past too drastically, what does he do?

When Kelso ends up in prison for a murder he didn't commit, what's the name of the inmate, played by Morgan Freeman, whom he befriends?

Logan Lerman played the 7-year-old version of the protagonist, but in 2012, he played Charlie Kelmeckies in what film?

What was the original title of the movie going to be?


Your Result: True Butterfly Effect Fan!

What was your favorite scene? The big Village People reunion at the end? Did you cry when Kelso escaped from prison? Were you as confused by Kelso going back in time to become Steve Jobs as we were? Also, did you see 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower?' God, what a great movie. Emma Watson is just a fantastic actress.

Your Result: Butterfly DEFECT.

Your wings have been clipped: you obviously know NOTHING about this fantastic film. SERIOUSLY, did you even see this? We recommend you re-watch it and then take this quiz again. And AGAIN if necessary.

Your Result: Close...But no Kelso.

Come ON.. Did you even try watch the movie closely or were you doing bong rips or something? Get it together. SMOKE LESS WEED AND ACTUALLY WATCH THE MOVIE.


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