This Quiz Will Tell You How Drunk You Are

SO much cheaper than being breathalyzed down at the station.

1. How many drinks have you had today?


2. What was the last drink you had?

3. What type of container did you last drink out of?

4. What are you planning to do after you finish this quiz?

5. Where are you drinking?

6. Which of these songs best describes your mood right now?

7. Which of these statements are you most likely to make right now?


Your Result: You should probably cut yourself off.

Do it while you still can. Leave the party while you're still having fun, before you start screaming at the barstool next to you and before tequila and doing lines of salt starts sounding like a good idea. And don't drive, unless you're driving your couch.

Your Result: You're either in college, overworked, or in Vegas.

Either way, you're in the DANGER ZONE with the boozing right now. Things are about to get weird... And not in a good way. More like in a "why is there livestock and who is this old man yelling at me" way. You're going to have a hell of a hangover at this point, so you better get home, drink a LOT of water, and GO TO BED.


You're in danger of making some pretty seriously bad decisions including, but not limited to, karaoke, texting your exes, going on online shopping sprees, and asking for the bartender's number. Call a cab. Sleep it off.


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