Don't Know What To Say When Interviewers Ask If You Have Questions? Try These Ideas.

Take notes.

There comes a point in almost every job interview when the interviewer asks: "Do you have any questions for me?" Sometimes, this causes us to shake in our boots a little bit; we've just spent all this time focusing on the interview, we've forgotten how to direct the conversation ourselves.

Recently, one Reddit user asked the online community to share their go-to questions for this exact moment.  Hundreds of comments with ideas flooded in, creating a bank we can use when we're put in this position. 

For example, one person recommended we ask: "What separates someone who is adequate at this position from someone who is exceptional at this position?"

In fact, this particular question garnered a response from another Redditor. They wrote: "Interviewer here: great question. Forces them to articulate what they're really looking for, which gives you an in to strengthen your rating."

Check out more of our favorite responses below and, hopefully, having this knowledge will make you more confident next time you're in the hot seat. 


1. Get their opinion of the company.

2. Learn how to succeed.

3. Ask if they need clairification.

4. Ask for details.

5. Turn to your resume.

6. Ask about their career.

7. Ask about potential growth opportunities.

8. Ask about their management style.

9. Ask about their expectations.

10. Ask about the difficult parts of the job.

11. Ask about your team.

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