13 Things Women Have To Face That Most Men Don't


Women in America might be better off than they were in the '50s, but let's face it — true gender equality is still a work in progress.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women on average earn about 81 cents to a man's dollar, and that wage gap is even more significant for women of color. 

But sexism affects us daily in so many more ways than that, as (once again) proven by a recently trending Twitter hashtag #QuestionsForMen.

The hashtag was started by Daily Life columnist Clementine Ford when she tweeted this question: 


Ford's tweet inspired others to weigh in with their own stories of everyday sexism, and flip the genders to ask men if they have ever been in similar situations.

Surprise, surprise — most men have never been faced with similar experiences.

(H/T: ViralWomen


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