17 Candid Tweets That Capture All The Beauty Of #QueerSelfLove

"I'm a boy band butch lesbian who edits and writes kids' comics that let them know being queer is RAD."

As the nation struggles to comes to terms with the hate-fueled homophobia behind the Orlando shooting, many have rallied around the LGBT community (even though some of the expressed support seems hypocritical considering it comes from the very people who have demonized and suppressed the LGBT community for years). 

In the days after the shooting, a movement emerged on social media encouraging members of the LGBT community to allow themselves a public moment of self-love. Under the hashtag #queerselflove, many people posted photos of themselves in a proud acknowledgment of who they are.


An overwhelmingly diverse group of people banded together under the hashtag on Twitter, and many expressed their joy at the abundance of positivity.

It was a powerful moment in a time of turmoil for the LBGT community. Perhaps this tweet summed it up best:


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