He Isn't In The Audience For His Daughter's Recital. The Reason? Perfect.


We often find videos with powerful messages from unlikely sources: the commercials from Pandora and Hong Kong's MetLife are two recent examples that we've featured on A Plus. That emotionally valuable content is frequently found in what amount to extended advertisements shouldn't be a cause for cynicism — good advertisers know that they're not trying to sell life insurance or bracelets, but much simpler human needs, such as acceptance, security, hope, love, and so on. Philosopher Alain de Botton summarizes this adroitly in an essay on The Book of Life's website, when he writes: 

"Adverts wouldn't work as well as they do if they didn't operate with a very good sense of what our real needs are; what we really require to be happy. Their emotional pull is based on knowing us extremely well. We are creatures who hunger for sexual love, good family relationships, connections with others and the feeling that we are respected. Advertisers understand these needs so very well."


The video you're about to watch demonstrates that understanding.

Created by Quaker Canada, the commercial takes a look at a family of five that, like so many others, isn't able to spend much time together. As children grow up, family interactions often become limited to meal times or fleeting good-byes said outside of schoolyards.

This simple video takes a look at a father's relationship with his 10-year-old daughter, Lulu. It centers around their wanting to spend more time together and Lulu's love of dance. It has a remarkably touching ending. 

"As a parent," the father says, "you find yourself doing crazy things for your kids ... They won't be kids forever, which makes today that much more important."

Watch the video here:


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