Qasim Rashid Is Fighting Islamophobia With A Dash Of Much-Needed Historical Context

Qasim Rashid is uniting people by educating them about Islam.

Ask Qasim Rashid a question, and you better be ready for an answer.

The American Muslim, author, attorney and Twitter star has a way with words that gets people's attention. On Monday, he used his Twitter platform to publish his response to a message he got in his inbox from a user he described as a "white supremacist."


According to Rashid, the person was asking for the "Christian version of ISIS" as a way to imply that terrorism was somehow unique to Islam. In previous messages to Rashid, the user had claimed that racism didn't exist, that hate crimes were false flags by people of color and that neither the KKK nor Nazis were real.

"I receive such messages constantly," Rashid told A Plus via email. "I didn't expect the message to go viral but I see such incidents as opportunities for education on Islam and Muslims." 

As Rashid has been known to do, he posted his response to the Twitter user on his own feed. As of Wednesday morning, it was retweeted more than 70,000 times.

Rashid's response shouldn't be taken as an attack on Christianity or a defense of ISIS. Rather, it's a reminder that every religion has its own dark history. And, consequently, we shouldn't judge someone by their faith or the god that they pray to. 

Rashid has used his platform on Twitter, where he has more than 60,000 followers, to co-launch

"This campaign is focused on uniting Muslims and non-Muslims against extremism with the weapons of education and dialogue," Rashid said. "It even invites people to sign up as a #MuslimAlly against anti-Muslim bigotry. So far it's been a wonderful success with nearly 15,000 allies signing up."


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