It's Hard To Believe These Things Are In Our Kitchen Drawers When They're Presented Like This

So cool.

Can you guess the name of this alien-like formation?


We'll give you a hint: There's an awesome cartoon character made of the very same thing.

It's not a weird nipple, if that's what you're thinking.

How about this bizarre web?

This HAS to be someone's gross-looking tongue, right?

Actually, it's not. It's a cornflake.

An artist and composer who goes by the name Pyanek is recasting everyday things in a completely new, macro light, as seen in his short film "Look Closer."

For the film, Pyanek took extreme close-ups of things from spaghetti sticks to serrated knives using a reverse lens technique. 

"The reverse lens technique only requires you to have a DSLR camera, and any lens you have can be reversed by the use of a reversing ring, which locks the other end of the lens into the camera, as if that was the normal position," Pyanek explains.

According to the artist, the idea to shoot static objects was born after seeing a lot of impressive examples of macro photography, which usually focuses on nature.

After snapping shots of whatever he could find, Pyanek chose the best frames and made a video out of them. His goal was to "recreate the sense of wonder" he had felt when looking through the lens. 

Take a look at the hypnotic video below.

Pyanek is currently working on getting a publishing deal for his macro photography book that will feature around 80 new photographs. To learn more, visit his Facebook page.

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