Watch This Timelapse Of Puppies Running For Dinner If You Need To Brighten Up Your Day

Who's so hungry?

When it comes to puppies, not much can beat their cuteness level. Two puppies? Forget it! You might as well just cave now.


Luckily for us, there is plenty of cuteness to go around. This YouTuber had the brilliant idea of recording her two Golden Retriever puppies everyday for a year as they made a mad dash for dinner.

At first, the puppies were a little clumsy. Especially the little one on the left, who just was so excited to grab some grub that balance and suaveness were just secondary worries.

Eventually, as the puppies got older, the balance started to come along. Well, kinda.

We weren't keeping track of who won the dinner race day in and day out, but really it's the effort that counts. Watch this adorable timelapse to add a smile to your day.


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