The #PuberMe Challenge Raised $1 Million To Help Puerto Rico — With A Little Help From Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hurrah for those awkward teenage years!

Who knew the awkwardness of growing up could result in so much good being done for people in need of help? Folks like Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll apparently did. The #PuberMe challenge, which began last week and immediately picked up steam online, resulted in $1 million being raised to help Puerto Rico rebuild after it was ravaged by Hurricane Maria.


The social media initiative — which encouraged celebrities to share photos of themselves around the age of 13 and going through puberty — apparently featured 233 celebrities to help it reach the total of $999,000. This included donations from Colbert's AmeriCone Dream Ice Cream Fund, Kroll's new animated Netflix series Big Mouth, and CBS itself. In the final moments, though a special guest showed up with one last #PuberMe submission: Lin-Manuel Miranda.

You can see every celebrity #PuberMe photo in this epic video montage:

The Hamilton creator — who was promoting the song "Almost Like Praying," which also benefits Puerto Rico's rebuilding efforts — surprised everyone by sharing a clip of himself as a 13-year-old singing a song about the Caribbean island. The hilarious video was the final addition to the tally, snagging another $1,000 and bringing the total to the cool $1 million.

This $1 million will go directly to One America Appeal, a charity founded by all five living former presidents and will help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria. So far the death toll is 34 — but many agencies believe the number could be way higher — and many are still left without food, water, electricity, and contact to the outside world.

Celebrities have been showing up in droves to help Puerto Rico — which, just FYI, is part of the United States — such as Jennifer Lopez donating $1 million to help relief efforts, Pitbull using a private plane to fly cancer patients out of the country, and Ricky Martin flying out to show what it's like and to help out.

Watch the full clip of Colbert, Kroll, and Miranda revealing the big number here:

(H/T: HuffPost)


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