I’m Proud To Have A Gamer Boyfriend. Here's Why.

Let the games begin.

1. He’s better at managing his time.


In two hours his troops will be ready for battle, which means he has two hours to help with dinner, wash the dishes, and clean up the bedroom before your 8 PM movie. Sure, you might have to sit and watch him raid and pillage other villages for a few minutes before you make it out the door. But he knows that getting his "gaming time" in means knocking out those other chores quickly. Being able to juggle multiple tasks while managing one's time is just the sort of skill you want in a significant other.

2. He stays calm under pressure.

It's pretty hard to stay calm when zombies are bursting through the walls and attacking from every direction. It's also pretty hard to stay calm when your girlfriend is panicking about being lost in the middle of nowhere on a road trip. Years of gaming have taught him to stay calm under pressure, so he can problem-solve and think clearly when things get hectic, rather than cave in a crisis.

3. He has a quiet confidence.

The kid who traded Pokémon cards in middle school was probably not an automatic hit with the ladies or the most popular kid in his class. But because of that, he learned not to care what others thought of him. He dares to be different, which takes courage at a young age, and seeks out those who like him for who he is, choosing authentic connections over fitting in.

Having a gaming "nerd" for a boyfriend means dating someone who doesn't second-guess who he is or what he wants. Sure, it also means listening to overzealous geeks compliment his Pokéball-Death Star T-shirt, but it's hard to mind when he looks so disarmingly adorable in it.

4. He leaves you alone when you need it.

Everyone needs their "alone" time, and with a gamer boyfriend, getting some space when you want it is easy. Just boot up his trusty Xbox, and he'll be occupied for as long as you care to kick it solo. (Incidentally, if you want an honest opinion about something, ask him while he's in the zone. His guard is down and he'll reply with candor. Just don't be offended if you ask him whether or not he likes that new dress and, after shooting you a quick glance in between levels, utters an undiplomatic "Ew!")

5. He has fewer bad habits.

While the other kids in high school were figuring out what party to go to on Friday nights, the gamer boy was likely sitting in his buddy's basement arguing about the last Koopa shell he threw at his kart.

Because of this, he didn't develop the unhealthy habits that, years later, those "cool kids" are struggling to kick, and he realizes that getting super drunk or smoking is rarely a means to a good time. Plus, it's hard to outrace Yoshi when you've had one too many.

6. He’s great with his fingers.

As in: awesome massages!

7. He’s more fun.

Having a gamer boyfriend means he's just more fun—and in unconventional ways. If you aren't a gamer yourself, he'll introduce you to an imaginative world where winning is preferred, but losing isn't devastating. Weekend nights don't need to include an expensive night out. Instead, they can be about exploring the bizarre terrain of a distant planet with a squad of like-minded enthusiasts. You can laugh with other people around a cool, new adventure.

A lot of folks don't realize it, but there are games out there for just about everyone. It's only a matter of time before you discover the one that's right for you. Soon enough, you'll hear yourself muttering that familiar phrase, "Hold up babe, let me just finish this game."

8. It makes Christmas shopping so much easier.

Socks? Nope. Sweater? I'll pass. Soda maker? No thanks. The latest edition of Assassin's Creed? THANK YOU SANTA!


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