Proud Dad Shares Video Of Daughter's Act Of Kindness Outside Restaurant

A child leads by example.

Proud dad Edwin Scott's cell phone video of his daughter, Ella, doing something spontaneously kind at a restaurant in Monterey, California is gathering accolades across the internet.

After careful investigation and comparative analysis between landmarks and location identifiers captured on the video and still photos obtained via Google Maps and Yelp, A Plus has determined that the restaurant is eatery Lolla-Palooza located on Alvarado Street in Monterey. According to Facebook, Scott lives in San Jose, CA.

The video was posted by Scott to Facebook last week with the caption, "My baby girl Ella learned an important lesson today - Help those less fortunate than you!! So proud of my girl." It was later picked up by Love What Matters and has since amassed a staggering 14 million views and counting.

The footage shows a little girl in a restaurant asking if she can take a plate of meat and potatoes to a hooded man sitting alone outside on a bench. She exits the restaurant, hands the plate of food to the man and then returns to her seat. "Ella," Scott says, "You're amazing. I think you just made his day."


Scott later commented on the video to express his gratitude for the kind words of his viewers, saying, in part, "Truth be told I have taught Ella to do this since she was 3 years old when we lived in Brooklyn/Manhattan. I have had so many people help me in my life it's so important that I give that lesson to my daughter."

Facebook/Eddie Scott

Well done, Ella. You are indeed amazing.


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