This Is How Ideal And Actual Proposals Differ In The 21st Century According To Science

Expectations vs. reality. Story of our lives.

Getting engaged comes with a lot of responsibility. Sure you take a step towards creating a family, but then there's also the pressure of the proposal itself — picking the right ring, picking the right place, saying the right words. 

Did someone say "super stressful"? It sure can be.

Now, Science of Relationships, a website run by actual relationship scientists, surveyed 216 newly engaged and 176 newly married individuals in the U.S. to figure out the etiquette of modern-day proposals. Or, most importantly, to find out how our expectations differ from reality.   

The age of respondents ranged from 19 to 56, bringing the average to 30. The questions asked were relatively simple — from rating how romantic their proposal was to where it took place. The answers were later summarized in this brilliant infographic.

Scroll down to find the top five places where folks pop the question and so much more.


Now what about places where folks pop the question as opposed where they expected to?

The research looked into that, too ...

Cover image via Flickr

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