This Is The Absolute Craziest Way To Pop The Question...

Romantic or terrifying?

This guy either REALLY loves his girlfriend or doesn't really care if she dies.

Brandon Strohbehn was so determined to give his, now fiancé, Nicole, the most memorable proposal ever, that he popped the question 10,000 feet above ground.


Both Brandon and Nicole had GoPros on their helmets so the footage is vivid, bright, and absolutely breathtaking. 

But, from an audience's perspective, there's a slight undercurrent of anxiety considering Nicole is thousands of miles above ground, hasn't yet opened her parachute, and is hanging on to her boyfriend's waist for dear life. 

Meanwhile, he's holding an expensive engagement ring somewhere above San Diego and if it falls, it's almost certainly gone forever.

Then, without even waiting for her to say yes, he lets her go. 

She's free falling into the distance and he still doesn't even know if she's agreed to marry him.

...he might never know.

Will he ever find out if she said yes?? 

Will she even live to give him an answer?? 

What did he do with the ring?? 

Guess you'll have to watch the video to find out... 

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