These College Students Gave Senior Citizens The Prom They Always Wanted

They had a great night!

You're never too old to dance the night away with good friends, and some college students made sure that was the case for a group of seniors in Ithaca, New York. 

Project Generations is a club run by Ithaca College and Cornell University and is meant to bridge the generation gap by building relationships between students and local seniors. 


According to its website, the students involved with Project Generations spend an hour with an "older adult" from the Ithaca area each week. The club partners with Tompkins County Office for the Aging

The group's big event of the year is its Intergenerational Prom. This year's was the third annual and its biggest yet with 134 students and 82 seniors. 

The theme of the evening was "An Evening in Paris," and even had an Eiffel Tower. While many of us may take something like prom for granted, it meant a lot to the students and elderly guests alike.

"It was the first prom for one of the older ladies and she was so happy to be there," said Morgan Meese, Project Generations' Co-President. 

Jaime White, Project Generations' Event Coordinator, said, "My favorite moment from this year's prom was probably seeing my older adult and getting a chance to dance with him and see how happy he was to be out and dancing again, like he used to do with his wife."

No prom would be complete without the crowning of a king and queen. But rather than the big awards of the night going to the people student body president and football star, the crowns went to the couple that ruled the dance floor. This year's winners were Gene Lovelace and Kathy Chapman.

The club's founder says people are already asking when next year's prom will be.


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