Watch As Professors Try To Decipher A Younger Generation's Slang And Crack Up The Entire Time


Do you have "FOMO" when "bae" hangs out with someone else? Are your eyebrows "on fleek?"

In a hilarious video from Lehigh University, professors respond to millennial slang and try to figure out, all on their own, what the heck everyone's saying.

Here are some of their responses:


1) "FOMO"

"Maybe it's a sign that no parents are home. Father's out, mother's out, so it's FOMO," one professor concludes.

"I don't even know how to start to figure this out!" another says, laughing.

2) "On fleek"

"I can't even begin to tell you. But poor fleek, because everybody's jumping on him."

And, "a student told me I was 'on fleek' after a class. I teach social networks for a living, so I immediately was like 'no, I am not on that social network.'"

And then things get really confusing...

3) "Bae"

"Now BAE Systems was my employer. I was a contractor for BAE for a year."


"What's up 'bae?' How you doing 'bae?' Why do I know that one that's, that's not good."

And finally:

"At first I thought it was just an abbreviation for Beyoncé, but then someone told me that it's like 'babe'...Cause that one syllable really needs to be shortened somehow."

"I think I know more now," a professor concludes at the end of the video.

In "When You 'Literally Can't Even' Understand Your Teenager," an article by Amanda Hess for The New York Times, Hess explains that when it comes to slang, teens know what they're saying, and moreover, they don't want an older generation to understand.

"Teenagers may not be able to drive or vote or stay out past curfew or use the bathroom during school hours without permission, but they can talk. Their speech is the site of rebellion, and their slang provides shelter from adult scrutiny," Hess writes.

But companies are trying to catch up.

For example, The Associated Press' Candice Choi writes that Taco Bell features a "Millennial Word of the Week," in which millennials curate a list of slang words Taco Bell's customers are using.

This shows "how eager companies are to understand millennials, who marketers say have quirks and traits that separate them from past generations." And for Taco Bell in particular, "success has been driven by the time it spends understanding what makes its customers tick. That apparently includes familiarity with the way they talk," Choi reports.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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