She Brought Her Baby To Class. What The Professor Did When The Baby Started Crying Was Perfect.

Pursuing a higher degree as a parent can be tough. Support from professors can make things easier.

It's not easy pursuing a higher degree — especially when other life circumstances hold high priorities.

Juggling school with parental duties can make going back to school difficult. Professors like Dr. Sydney Engelberg of Jerusalem's Hebrew University aim to make life more accommodating for parents in school.

Engelberg was in the middle of his lecture when a baby in his class started crying. The student mom attempted to exit his class with her baby, Buzzfeed reported. 

The professor had other plans. 

Engelberg instead stepped in, calmed her child down and continued teaching his class while holding her baby, apparently totally unbothered. 


His daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, said she's not surprised by his actions. She added that her 67-year-old father loves children.

"My dad just loves kids and loves babies, he has five grandchildren, so he just takes the baby," Fishbaine told BuzzFeed News. "He's the one that's in motion, he's walking around the class. So he just takes the baby and continues teaching."

According to BuzzFeed, Fishbaine noted that her father, who currently teaches a master's degree program, has been teaching for 45 years. Since he teaches a lot of young moms, he encourages them to bring their babies. He even supports breastfeeding in class. 

Engelberg, a native of South Africatold Yahoo Parenting that he makes an emphasis in "teaching values." 

"The reason is that education for me is not simply conveying content, but teaching values," he told Yahoo Parenting. "How better than by role modeling?"

Engelberg's values on supporting parents in school have been heard. His act surpasses the kind gesture of holding a baby sporting adorable blue footie pajamas.

With the significant positive response from people throughout social media, it's evident that it represented an acceptance and support for moms and dads furthering their education. 

Yahoo Parenting shared a Facebook post capturing other people holding babies in classrooms, likely in support of Engelberg's actions. 

Commenters on Engelberg's photo posted on Imgur expressed their admiration:

"This is a professor who truly cares about the education of his students. Seriously."

"Good for him for understanding how hard it is for her to be a student and a mother and that she's trying to better herself for her son." 

"You da real MVP (Most Valuable Professor)."

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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