He's Played 40,000 Hands In One Day. Here's Where The Obsession Comes From.

Role model.

Mikhail "Innerpsy" Shalamov is a professional poker player.


His attitude about money, however, is refreshingly down-to-Earth, especially in a community where charismatic characters tend to catch the media spotlight.

In this short film created by online game company PokerStars, we see a side of a professional card player that we might not expect.

What he says about his winnings is surprising.

"Basically, it's all about the money... But not in the way that you might think."

And it really isn't.

You see, Shalamov is a soft-spoken family man.

The money he makes goes into experiences — travel, mostly — rather than things, providing his wife and young son with the opportunity to see as much of the world as possible.

So far they've traveled to over 30 different countries.

"Money with no purpose has no value," he says.

"Having a wife that loves you and supports you in every spot..."

"... and a son is a much better experience than having tons of money."

Watch the heartwarming video here.

There's no point to money if you can't convert into joy.

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