These Product Secrets Will Change What You're Getting At The Supermarket

Oreos are a knockoff?

The Internet is a place of grand knowledge, and one of the best places to absord that knowledge is Reddit. 

In a recent AskReddit thread, user lazywoodstock asked, "What are some secrets about widely used products?"

Users on the site did not disappoint. From secrets about where Oreos come from to how cleaning product companies try to fool you, they produced a litany of useful information.

We've highlighted some of our (and Reddit's) favorite responses, and of course giving you some visual aide.


1. Hydrox vs. Oreo taste test, ASAP.

"Oreos are actually a knockoff of another cookie called Hydrox. One of the few cases where the knockoff was more popular then the original." — UndyingCorn

2. It seems so obvious...

"I'm a man, but I love using women's shampoo. The products available for ladies are vastly superior in every way. They leave my hair looking and feeling silky smooth, and I smell so, so good. A couple of people have asked me what I use to keep my hair looking so nice and I just feel fabulous. I'm currently using Summer Passion by Herbal Essences, but I also have a Chanel one for special occasions. Because I'm worth it." — ariiiiigold

3. Who knew about palm oil?

"Palm oil is in F****** EVERYTHING. Look on the ingredient list of anything in your home (, cleaning supplies, etc) and you probably see a form of palm oil (look for anything with the word palm, such as palmitate).

Most people will say, 'So? Who cares?'

Palm oil is awfully unsustainable. Many palm oil companies employ the slash and burn method. Cut down and burn rainforest, plant palm oil palms in its place. LOTS of rainforest has been destroyed for your palm oil. Worse yet, there are rumors of black market bounties from those companies on endangered wildlife such as orangutans. Kill and remove the endangered species, so the governments will let you slash and burn.

But things are looking up. More people are learning about palm oil issues and pressure is being put on the companies. More and more manufacturers are starting to turn to sustainable palm oil practices." 

— Charlie24601, asterisks added

4. Runnnnn!!!

"Duck Hunt for the NES, if you plugged in a controller into the player 2 slot, you controlled the duck."

— projectoffset

5. How does one first discover this?

"Neutrogena Facial Soap -- the old-school yellow liquid version that comes in the pump container-- gets out every f****** stain known to man kind.

I figured this out when I was 14 because, as you likely know, periods and 'accidents' due to periods happen a lot during this age range. To not embarrass myself in a house full of men, I'd try to get the stains out before putting my underwear in the laundry. The facial soap worked wonders (way better than the 'just wash with cold water method). It got me wondering what other sort of nonsense it could get rid of.

I gathered a number of different fabrics and smeared motor oil, lipstick, marker, juice and soy sauce on them, and let the neutrogena sit on them for a while. I swear to sweet jebus, the results were amazing and worked way better than most of the laundry products in my house.

I imagine it also likely cleans the skin well too, but I never used it for that."

— uhuhshesaid, asterisks added

6. Lube is NOT a substitute for actual contraceptives, but...

"IF you are actively trying to conceive, lube lessens the survival rate for sperm.

Research has found that vaginal lubricants are toxic to sperm and interfere with the role of the cervical mucus."

7. True art.

"What started out as a 3M project to make a super strong adhesive, ended in failure. This failure is now known as Post-It Notes."

— huazzy

8. Use it or lose it.

"Cars have this thing called a "turn signal" that lets other drivers know what you plan on doing."

— anotherpoweruser

9. Rainbow is definitely the best color.

"The Slinky was invented in 1943 by Richard James, a naval mechanical engineer, when he was developing springs that could support and stabilize sensitive instruments aboard ships in rough seas. He knocked one over on accident and saw how it took a few steps and then landed upright.

You can also use one to make the blaster sound effect from Star Wars."  

— eDgAR

10. Don't eat Play-Doh

"Play Doh was originally sold as wallpaper cleaner in the 1930's until classrooms started using it as modeling clay and it eventually became rebranded as a toy in 1950's."

— eDgAR

11. Om nom nom nom.

"Trader Joe's generic Cheerios is made by General Mills. They are Cheerios."

— rubberseatbelt

12. Stay safe!

"Condoms shouldn't be carried around in wallets, and if they are for longer than a week - DO NOT USE THEM. The friction wears down the latex and makes it unsafe to wear."

— Kway_zone

13. Definitely going to use this one.

"Theres probably an arrow next to the gas symbol in your car. It points to what side your tank is on. (I say probably because not all cars do this)."

— FallenXxRaven

14. So many people still don't know this.

"Most baby carrots that you buy in the grocery store are not actually baby carrots, and should be labeled as baby-cut carrots. These carrots start out as regular sized carrots that may have some cosmetic issues. They are cut into pieces and then put through a peeler. It's misleading marketing, I guess, but it's actually a pretty green thing to do, because otherwise the unsightly carrots would probably just get thrown away."

— Remontant

15. Could have used this advice in school.

"Your stapler has two different settings: one to keep your papers more or less permanently bound together, and one to keep them loosely attached if they need to be separated again. To activate the "loose" setting, push and rotate the little metal plate on the bottom of the stapler."

— meister_eckhart

16. What a scheme!

"You only need one alka-seltzer.
In the 60's a marketing director told the company producing alka-seltzer that he could double their sales. He did this with the now iconic phrase plop plop fizz fizz in a jingle. Till that time they had only recommended a dose of one, and this jingle was about rebranding it as a pack of two. They did in fact nearly double in market size very shortly after releasing this jingle, mostly attributable to people now taking two at a time. It marks the beginning of larger serving sizes to increase sales." 

— techniforus


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