Emotional Ad Shows Moms From Different Eras Preparing Their Kids To Face And Stand Up To Racism

"You are not pretty for a Black girl. You are beautiful. Period."

When many people hear about parents having "the talk" with their kids, they'll automatically assume it's about sex and pregnancy. But for parents of kids of color, there's another very important and difficult conversation to have with their kids. One that explains to their children that they may be treated differently because of their skin. One that tells them about racism, discrimination, bias, and dealing with the police. It's not a conversation anyone wants to have, but it's, unfortunately, a necessary one. 

This challenging talk is the one highlighted in a powerful ad from American consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble. In the heartbreaking video titled "The Talk," different generations of Black mothers across various eras of history reveal truths about discrimination to their children. 


In one era, a mom tells her daughter that being called "pretty for a Black girl" is not a compliment. "You are not pretty for a Black girl. You are beautiful. Period," she tells her. One mom explains to her daughter that she'll do fine at science camp, but she'll have to "work twice as hard and be twice as smart." Another mom reminds her son to take his ID with him to music practice in case he gets stopped by police. By present day, a mom explains to her daughter what she should do when she gets pulled over, not if

"I'm a good driver, OK? Don't worry," her daughter tries to reassure her. 

"This is not about you getting a ticket. This is about you not coming home," her mother replies. 

You can watch the entire ad below. 

"We know that bias is not just an African American issue," said Damon Jones, director of global company communications of Proctor & Gamble in a statement. "It's an issue that takes on many shapes and forms, across gender, race, age, weight, sexual orientation, and more. Our goal with 'The Talk' is to help raise awareness about the impact of bias. We are also hopeful that we can make progress toward a less biased future by recognizing the power of people of all backgrounds and races showing up for one another."

Many people on Twitter have praised the ad for highlighting such an important issue in such an effective way. 

While the ad captures the challenge Black parents face as they educate their children about racism and reassure them after facing discrimination, the video is a powerful one everyone should see. The video is scripted, but all of these situations are very real experiences Black children and their parents still have to worry about. The brand has asked that people share their experiences using the hashtag #TalkAboutBias.

"Let's all talk about "the talk" so we can end the need to have it," the ad says at the end. 


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