Priyanka Chopra Sings Taylor Swift, Fights An Inflatable Clown, And More In 'Vogue's' '73 Questions'

She reveals her dream co-star, the worst pickup line, and biggest misconceptions of Indians.

Priyanka Chopra never fails to impress us with her many talents. The actress, singer, and model first came into the spotlight when she won Miss World back in 2000 and has since captivated audiences in Bollywood films, her starring role on Quantico, and now the new Baywatch movie. But did you know she can put her leg behind her head? And that if she wasn't an actress she'd want to be an engineer at NASA? And that the one tattoo she has is in her late father's handwriting? 

These are just a few of the things we learned about the 34-year-old during her "73 Questions" interview with Vogue. In the series, celebrities, such as Aziz Ansari, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Graham, respond to 73 rapid-fire questions while simultaneously showing off their digs. 

In the beginning, Chopra revealed that she thinks the biggest misconceptions Americans have about Indians are that they're all in arranged marriages and that they speak a language called Indian. "That's like saying I speak American," she said. 

Some other highlights include her beating up an inflatable clown, showing off her hilariously bad Boston accent, and sharing some of her favorite Met Gala memes. Oh, and she sang her favorite Taylor Swift song "I Knew You Were Trouble," but with a goat screaming twist


Learn more about Chopra by watching the video below:


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