Priyanka Chopra Isn't Interested In Your Fantasy Of Her As A Bond Girl

She has a better idea.

Priyanka Chopra might seem like a rising star, but in reality, she's been famous for more than half of her life. The Indian actress won the Miss World pageant in 2000, and within a few years, she became one of the premiere actresses working in Bollywood. Now that she's the lead on the hit show Quantico, and will star with The Rock and Zac Efron in the Baywatch reboot, it's clear her domination of Hollywood is inevitable.

However, because she's objectively beautiful, it's easy (and lazy) to pigeonhole her into roles that are little more than eye candy for viewers. For example, a Bond girl. Although recent iterations of the franchise have given the gorgeous female characters opposite James Bond much more depth than in the past, their main purpose largely remains as a means to show off the agent's suaveness.

Perhaps that's why Chopra has no interest in ever playing one. In an extensive cover story for Complex, the actress quickly brushed away the fact that people think she'd be a great Bond girl:

In another lull between takes, conversation turns toward her appetite for stunts. She's thrilled for her upcoming role as the icy villain in Baywatch, a part originally envisioned for a man ("another barrier broken," she winks), and everyone agrees she'd make a great Bond Girl. "I get that all the time," she says with faux exasperation. "But fuck that — I wanna be Bond."

Strong words. If the next Bond is played by a woman, the casting team need not look far.

Cover image: ABC Television Network via YouTube


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