You Thought They Were Sweet, But Watch These Princesses Roast Each Other In The Ultimate Rap Battle

An incredible Disney showdown.

Even in the fairy tale world things get messy from time to time. 

And we're not talking "Snow White living with seven middle-aged men" kind of messy. We're talking about a full-on lyrical catfight between two of the Disney's most precious ladies: Cinderella and her nemesis, Belle.

These princesses, played by actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Whitney Avalon, are not the first ones to throw shade at their mythical counterparts (watch Snow White vs. Elsa from "Frozen" and Princess Leia vs. Galadriel). But this time the rap battle gets really spicy with phrases like... 

"My prince saved my life and don't be misled, I want a man in the street but a beast in the bed."


Who do you think deserves to walk off as the ultimate queen of rap?

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