'Princess Diaries 3' Is Happening, And We Can't Wait To See Genovia (And Maybe Princess Mia) Again

Shut up!

Citizens of Genovia, get excited: A third Princess Diaries movie is reportedly in the works at Disney, 11 years after the sequel to Anne Hathaway's first big film came out. Details are still scarce (we don't know if Hathaway, Julie Andrews or anyone else from the first two movies will be returning for the new installment) and a release date has yet to be set. But we're just excited that Princess Mia isn't gone for good.

The original Princess Diaries film told the story of Mia Thermopolis, a geeky San Francisco high school student, who suddenly learns that she's the heir to the mythical country of Genovia (and that her grandmother, the queen, is Julie Andrews). Mia must decide whether she will accept her royal birthright and all its responsibilities or go back to life as an ordinary kid. Mia turns 21 in Princess Diaries 2, which would make her 32 now (the same age as Hathaway, currently).

Even if the Les Mis star chose not to return for the new movie, there is a backup plan. The films were based on the novels by Meg Cabot, who's written 11 installments of the series. In the books, Mia discovers she has a half-sister. Maybe this new Thermopolis is the subject of Princess Diaries 3. Or maybe Hathaway will make all our dreams come true and play Mia one more time.


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