This New Clothing Line Could Change The Way Little Girls Think

It really is pretty awesome.

Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair understand that girls can have lots of interests. They might love math, science, trains, dinosaurs and trucks — things one might typically find splashed all over "boy clothes."  

But pretty little dresses don't account for those interests. Frills and lace are usually stitched beside hearts and princesses.  

That's why Melsky and St. Clair founded a clothing company called "Princess Awesome." They make clothing unlike anything any girl has ever seen. 


This clothing gives girls a chance to express their "awesome" interests, while still wearing the cutesy girly styles they've come to enjoy. 

"We feel strongly that girls shouldn't have to decide between wearing girly things and wearing math-y or pirate-y or dinosaur-y things," they explain in their video.  

"It's our play dress," St. Clair explains. "It's a simple tank top with a twirly skirt.  It lets girls climb trees and be princesses."

Their online supply has already sold out. But you can pre-order a dress by backing them on Kickstarter. They've already raised $78,285 and, with your help, they might be able to open a real business that lets girls be girls without restricting what that means.

"Girls shouldn't have to decide between dresses and dinosaurs or ruffles and robots," Their Kickstarter explains. "We're a different kind of girly."


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