Here's A 60-Second Stress Remedy To Put Your Mind At Ease

Prince EA is basically a sage.

Have you ever felt knots in your shoulders or butterflies in your stomache? A tightening of the throat? A feeling of intense anxiety while anticipating some future event? 

Of course you have. You're human (hopefully, and not a spambot), and as a human you invariably experience stress at one time or another. And as you surely know, feeling stressed sucks. 

Rapper and activist Prince EA has some wise words on how to get rid of those irksome feelings of unease. 


"There are no stressful situations. You become stressed because of how you are interpreting a situation," Prince EA tells us in the video above. "Until you take 100 percent responsibility for how you feel, you will go around the world blaming everything and everybody for being stressed out."  

The hip-hop artist goes on to explain that stress is a build up of negative thoughts. But once you recognize that you are in control of your own mind, everything changes.

For real, don't take Prince EA's advice lightly. Stress not only creates mental problems, but can cause serious physical damage as well, according to numerous studies, including this one led by Carolyn Aldwin, director of the Center for Healthy Aging Research at Oregon State University, which found that older men who feel stressed out on a regular basis have a significantly higher risk of mortality than those who are generally relaxed.

So breath deep, stop stressing, and pass this video along to all your stressed out friends. 


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