Why This Guy's Heart-Pumping Video Is Going Viral Is A Message Worth Sharing

"Find the truth."

In 2014, poet Prince Ea released a video about the damaging affects of social media and technology on society and encouraged the world to be present in their own lives.

That video, alone, received over 14 million views on YouTube.

Now, the talented poet has released another video entitled "I am NOT Black, You are NOT White" that explains how labels divide and blind us from seeing people for who they truly are. 

Prince Ea tells A Plus in an email that he was motivated to create the video by "an internal resolve that compels me to create content that I feel the world needs to hear... Race and identity are crucial topics of this day and age."

Moreover, compared to his other videos, Prince Ea says this one is extra special. "It galvanizes people to take a look within themselves. I believe many of our problems start in our minds, how we are thinking and how we have been taught to think. We must question these closely held assumptions if we want to live a fulfilling life and in a fulfilling world."

And by the time the first line of the poem is complete, we're completely captivated.


"I am not black. I mean, that's what the world calls me, but it's not me," the poem begins.

At the start of the video, Prince Ea appears on camera, speaking directly to viewers. As the video progresses, his voiceover is articulated through his friends and family members, of all different races, mouthing the words directly to the camera.

"See from birth the world force feeds us these labels and eventually we all swallow them, we digest and accept the labels — never, ever doubting them," the poem continues.

Then, Prince Ea uses a metaphor to connect human bodies to cars. In this case, a person driving a car is not defined by the car, but as the person inside.

Therefore, a person should not be defined by their skin or body, just because that is the vehicle in which they are presented. 

"We were forced to own these cars for the rest of our lives," the poem explains in reference to our bodies. "Forgive me but I fail to see the logic or pride in defining myself or judging another by the cars we drive."

Then, Prince Ea asks listeners who they would be if not defined by a label. 

"We would be one, we would be together," he reads. 

And, finally, he calls us to rip off the labels, connect, care, and see people clearly for who they are.

Prince Ea tells A Plus that labels are particularly dangerous because they turn us into prisoners. 

"This prison not only limits you from achieving full freedom, happiness and living your truest self, but it also builds a wall blocking you from others. Language shapes our reality, period. What we call things has a huge influence in how we see the world. Unfortunately it also prevents us from seeing whatever it is as it truly exists. Labels get in the way of — Love," he adds.

That said, he hopes that current and future generations "find the truth" in regards to race and labels. He says that it's important to research and discover new ideas and question your own beliefs in order to make a change.

"It may be scary at first, but I promise you, true freedom and Love are on the other side of that door," he adds.

This latest video has certainly garnered a lot of attention. Currently, it has over 22 million views on Facebook, half a million shares, and tons of comments igniting conversation. Prince Ea attributes this to a changing world where people are open to new ideas.

Moreover, he tells A Plus that he's "always been fascinated by the power of words...Poetry transcends culture, creed, race, and nation. It's a universal art form and I will continue to use it in order to galvanize my listeners and viewers to inspire, motivate, and ultimately look within and realize [their inner] power."

And we can't wait to see what he'll do next. 

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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