84-Year-Old Just Won A Brand New Car Like A Total Badass


It's always the people you least expect. 

With a $16,000 car on the line, an 84-year-old woman named Margaret stepped onto the "green" during The Price Is Right this week. After host and comedian Drew Carey hit the putt easily from the end of the putting green, he moved a few feet closer and handed Margaret the club.

On her first attempt, it was clear Margaret had little to no experience golfing: she held the club between her legs, facing forward and then just rocked the putter into the ball using nothing but her arms — the complete opposite of how professional golfers putt (standing sideways, shoulders in line with the hole, using the hips to swing). She hit it at the perfect speed, but the ball rolled too far to the right.

Then, to the joy of the crowd, Carey informed her that she would be getting one more attempt. Lo and behold, she made the best of it... 


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