President Obama Crashing Your Wedding Turns A Day To Remember Into A Day Impossible To Forget

Oh, and he gives good advice too.

Some couples plan their wedding day for months, others get spontaneously hitched at a local chapel, there are also those who turn their big day into a globetrotting adventure and say their wedding vows in 29 places around the world.

Whatever the ceremony, everyone's wedding day is special and memorable.

However, it's safe to say that San Diego couple Brian and Stephanie Tobe will never be able to erase memories of their special occasion. And not that they'd want to.


Brian and Stephanie were celebrating their wedding at Torrey Pines when they spotted an unusual guest playing golf outside their lodge.

The mysterious guest appeared to be none other than Obama himself.

Apparently, on the same weekend as the Tobes' wedding, President Obama was visiting San Diego and decided to play a round of golf steps away from the couple's ceremony site.

When he was done with the game, Obama waved at the curious onlookers and even came to shake hands with everyone at the golf court. Brian and Stephanie knew this was the moment and it had to be seized!

'Jeff came over the radio in my earpiece and yelled: 'We're coming down with Brian and Stephanie! Hold him if you can,' remembers wedding photographer Erin Youngren.

And hold she did. The flabbergasted couple shook hands and scored a bunch of priceless shots with the President.

Are these the faces of true happiness or what?

According to the bride, Obama didn't just crash the wedding, but shared insightful advice with her soon-to-be husband.

'He specifically told my husband Brian not to step on my dress,' Stephanie told NBC San Diego.

According to the photographer couple who captured the entire event, Obama's visit made it one of the most joyful weddings they've ever been to.

"President Obama, thank you for showing us that you are a three-dimensional human. Thank you for taking time to rest in the midst of the unbelievable responsibility that you shoulder every single day, and thank you for being so gracious as to come shake hands on your day of rest. This small act was a joy and an honor," Erin Youngren wrote in her blog post.


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