Obama Tries To Do 5 Things That Are Actually Hard To Demonstrate This One Thing Really Isn't

Because it really is *that* simple.

The political turmoil taking place across the Atlantic struck a chord with many Americans. The United Kingdom's stunning — and quite uninformed, by many accounts — vote to exit the European Union has left many wondering: what now? The Brexit vote will have major repercussions for the U.K., and a significant impact on political and economic dynamics around the world

Many have pointed to the terrifying parallels between Brexit and the U.S. election. The U.K.'s "Leave" campaign banked on rising opposition to immigration, and its supporters comprised mostly of less educated and economically disadvantaged voters who tended to lean anti-establishment. 

If that sounds familiar, it's because it sounds like presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump's campaign. Much has been written about Trump's divisive rhetoric: it fuels xenophobia, racism, and sexism; it exposes poor white voters' extreme dissatisfaction with the political establishment; it will have serious consequences for the U.S.' relationship with other countries. 

The Brexit vote has sounded alarm bells for many Americans that their country could well go down the same frightening route. In light of that, the urgency to make each vote count in this election is even more pronounced.


In a particularly timely fashion, BuzzFeed released a video encouraging Americans to register to vote that features none other than President Obama himself.

The video shows "5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote," including naming all the characters on Game of Thrones who have died (a near-impossible task, to be frank) and stacking Cheerios. Despite its playful packaging, the video is an important message delivered by a powerful messenger — Obama, after all, has repeatedly expressed concern over Trump's rise in the election. 

Watch the video here:


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