Preschoolers Were Asked What They Want To Be When They Grow Up. Here's How They Answered.

One said he wants to be a sprinkled red-frosted donut.

Reddit user AstroCat16 posted a photo online with the caption, "My old school asked kids in preschool what they wanted to be when they grew up."

The picture is so adorable. 


Here it is.

After the picture quickly trended to Reddit's front page, it garnered over 2,000 comments, with people relating to how beautiful it is to be a hopeful child, just dreaming of someday becoming a sprinkled red-frosted donut, a lawyer, a witch or a kitty cat. 

But it seems a favorite among Redditors was the kid who dreamed of being a garbage man. Many commented saying they had a similar aspiration when they were little. 

"...I dreamed of being a garbage man as a kid also," commented Reddit user pinky0926. "When I was four and that truck would roll up every week, and extend its amazing robotic arm to pick up the trash, I knew. I wanted to drive a robot truck." 

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Tell us in the comments below! 


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